Should you employ International Interns?

This a burning question in India’s reality, right


For an Indian company that wants to expand, recruiting foreign students as interns is a safe way of helping employees understand how other economies and cultures work.

A few companies are vying for foreign interns to connect better with their target customers abroad; others are seeking graduates from leading business schools to raise their profile.


                              Hiring an international intern or trainee can bring a new set of skills, experiences and a fresh perspective to your office, allowing your organization to remain competitive in a globalized world.



  • Interns add character and dynamism to your work environment.
  • They possess strong academic and working backgrounds along with various other skills that bring value to an organization.
  • In situations where your organization requires certain linguistic skills or an understanding of a culture, region or country; Interns have proven themselves to be an invaluable value
    addition in these areas time and time again.
  • They enhance your business with a valuable international perspective
  • An intern from a country can provide you with practical insights that you otherwise wouldn’t have.
  • International interns are highly motivated individuals who bring fresh energy into any place of work



So, here is the testimony of Mr. John Bagul, the founder Principal of South City International School who took an International employee from an organization called AIESEC.


Mr. John Bagul shares his experience with AIESEC in this video.


“Thanks to AIESEC Kolkata I have been given the opportunity to work at South City International School where I have been able to teach physic.”- By Timothy Jarell Barbosa